We founded Tachibana Patent Office at Yotsuya in July, 1978, and after that we moved the Office to Shinjyuku-gyoenmae in order to expand and enhance our services.

In September, 1999, moved in the new office, we changed the office name to Tachibana International Patent Office from Tachibana Patent Office to promote the expansion of the foreign patent and trademark issues, and at the same time, by introducing computer system, we challenged to improve our services to get ahead of the times and quickly respond to our client's needs

Further, in order to cope with recent complex technologies, we made the content of our service to be more enhanced by inviting technical staffs capable of responding to those technological issues. As the result of that, we feel proud that in both name and substance we could make preparations of performing patent services suitable for the name not only in Japan but also in foreign countries.

Moreover, in order to conform to client's extensive needs, we are aligned with a lawyer, Mr. Seibee Yamashita (the President of Maritax Law Office), a judicial scrivener, Mr.Yoshihiko Motojima (the President of Motojima Judicial Scrivener Office) and KPMG that is an accountant group as internationally known, and adopt the system available to all of the problems of legal, tax and others as well as patent.

We are providing the services under a motto, "a quick decision and a quick action", and as for solving various problems except for patent issues, we feel proud that we are able to cooperate with the client as much as possible in order to settle their complex problems by widely joining together experts of legal, tax and others.

Today, the technical competition in the world as well as in Japan goes more and more to the intensified direction, and the obtaining of the industrial property becomes the matter of life and death of the company.

In light of such conditions, we will strengthen our services of the industrial properties from day to day not only in our country but also in the world.

We are keeping in mind to make effort to contribute to the development in the field of the industrial property in Japan as well as in the world by continuing the improvements for ourselves.

Tetsuo Tachibana, the President and attorney
Tachibana International Patent Office